Parks, gardens, terraces, balconies: it's time to ask the right questions

Late winter, early spring, containment period. 

The sky becomes blue, more blue than ever; with containment and reduced activity, pollution disappears.

Birds sing, nature comes to life and inspiration too, take advantage!

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This is the perfect time to ask yourself the right questions.

How does nature get into your home? What do you have to welcome and enhance it?

Land, park, garden, balcony, do you also like to give nature a place inside?

What would you like to see, smell, feel, touch, hear, taste?

Nature appeals to all the senses: sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste.


Nature, pleasure for the eyes

What colors are you attracted to? The yellows of forcicias, the mauve of wisteria or lavender, a very green lawn, the reflection of fish in water, plants or shrubs in magnificent pots which do not freeze. ... Nature offers us a concerto of colors whose variations follow the rhythm of the seasons and your choice of plantations.

For the interior, our craftsman Christian has imagined design furniture such as the “French-style garden” box and the "garden armchair "with floral trim.

Amazing aren't day wink ?


Nature, pleasure for the ears

The song of the birds, the wind in the leaves, the water flowing from the fountain, the water that cascades, the sparrows cooing, the steps on the gravel, the dancing reeds ....


Nature, pleasure of the nose

The scent of flowers, aromatic herbs and fruit trees, sea spray, freshly mowed lawn, sheets dried by the wind and scented with a thousand and one flowers. What marked your memory?


Nature, the pleasure of touch

Pick flowers, maintain your garden, climb trees. Smooth, rough, solid, liquid, flexible, rigid, light, heavy, mineral, vegetable, animal ...

Elements linked to nature have infinite characteristics.


Nature, pleasure of taste

Aromatic herbs, vegetable garden, orchard, nature brings us delicious ingredients, which are both delight for the eyes and pleasure for the palate.


Philippe, our exceptional landscaper, heads a landscape design agency that combines a reasoned approach to landscapes and territories with an excellent knowledge of the plant world as well as the art of gardens. Apart from the studies and achievements of private parks, gardens and terraces in France and abroad, he carries out landscape studies on the scale of a territory and the development of public spaces.

He is available to answer your questions and assist you in your projects.



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An international, collaborative and eco-responsible concept regularly awarded. 

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