Jewelry: think "Spring"

 Spring is mating season, the profusion of colors, the song of birds.

Spring delights all the senses, jewelry too.

A jewel for the summer, a jewel for the year,

a jewel for life, a jewel of envy,

a gem for many lives!


Aesthetic accessories par excellence, jewelry carries a strong emotional charge,

for oneself and for the person to whom it is offered or to whom it is transmitted.

Pleasure of the eyes, carnal contact, accessory of confidence, accessory of confidence.

An object that connects with yourself, with others, with a loved one, sharing intimacy.


In jewelry everything is possible, infinity too

From the shape that moves, to the sparkle of the dazzling diamond, a thousand combinations, a thousand materials, a thousand precious * or semi-precious stones **, a thousand colors come to fill you.

You choose !


Whether you fall for a Selection, whether you want custom jewelry or to transform an old piece of jewelry to give it new life while retaining the emotion of transmission, think "Spring":

Tip # 1: Treat yourself! It's spring, nature and inspiration are at their peak. Gold, silver, stones are of course essential. There are also other materials like Murano glass, which are an original alternative.

Tip # 2: For tailor-made and 4-hand creations, do not hesitate to be accompanied by exceptional designers and craftsmen. On the way to co-creation!


* Precious stones: diamond, emerald, ruby, sapphire, pink sapphire


** Semi-precious stones: agate, white agate, blue agate, cameo agate, pink agate, banded agate, green agate, amber, amethyst, ametrine, ammolite, auralite, aventurine, aventurine, blue aventurine, green aventurine, azurite, azurite malachite, beryl, bronzite, chalcedony, honey calcite, green calcite, carborandite, chrysocolla, chrysoprase, lemon chrysoprase, citrine, heated citrine, carnelian bandaged, banded cornalite, crisal qua aura, rock crystal, rock crystal with tourmaline inclusion black, rock crystal with inclusion of rutile, smoked crystal, blue cyanite, green cyanite, Herkimer diamond, dioptase, fluorite, yellow fluorite, fuschite, galena, almadin garnet, rhodolite garnet, heliotrope (or blood jasper), howlite, iolite, iris, green jade, white jade, black jade, breshia jasper, landscape jasper, polychrome jasper, red jasper, zebra jasper, pink kunzite, green kunzite, labradorite, lapis lazuli, larimar, apache tear, lepidolite, malachite , m oldavite, golden obsidian, obsidian celestial eye, cat eye, falcon eye, iron eye, bull's eye, tiger's eye, onyx, opal, moonstone, sunstone, prehnite, pyrite, pyromorphite, quartz white, pink quartz, green quartz, serpentine, sodalite, shungite, stibnite, turquoise, tanzanite, tourmaline, watermelon tourmaline, pink tourmaline, black tourmaline, vanadinite, wulfenite, zircon.



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